Shot using my Motorola Xoom. Hey it's instagram, not a large level of detail here. A shot of my lil old koi pond.

- Marvin Franco


Ms. Harley is the subject of most of my Instagrams and she never complains. She is a southern belle who loves to get her picture taken. This photo was taken with an IPhone.

- Tracy Miller


The world as I see it!

I'm growing on an always changing weather, my leaves are feathers, and nothing stops me now from rising on their flutter. Even if the skies get rough, I'm still looking up.

This shot was taken with Instagram for Android. The filter "Sierra" was applied followed by Lux function (auto-contrast and brightness).


I love how anyone who are not professional photographers like me, are able to share globally the world as they see it, thanks to this amazing tool.

Filipe Soares


"Chilling with my Chucks"

This photo was not planned at all I had another one already taken that I was planning to send in, but anyways family and friends were having dinner and i put my feet up on the chair and started to get on Instagram then looked at my shoes and realized it looked Instagram worthy and thought no one else will take a picture as something as simple as shoes so what could be better. I had many shots to pic from, I was in Columbus Ohio over the weekend, and somehow this shot beat them all.

Thank you,
John Ring


This contest worked out perfectly because the weather is just getting nice here in Wisconsin. We had taken our 10-month old Irish Wolfhound out to puppy playtime and this shot was taken during one of her breaks. Can't beat an awesome Wolfhound smile. Love you Delaney!

This shot was taken on my iPhone 4 with the sutro filter applied.

Thanks for your consideration.

- Branden Kerr


Taken on my iPhone 3GS
First Shooting Challenge. This is the view of St. Pauls Cathedral from the top of the building where I work, brought some friends to see it when they came down to visit for the weekend and got the shot then.

- Daniel Hunt


I took this picture walking past a lumberyard rather late at night. The place is creepy and the reasons behind hanging the milk crate on the chain is still beyond me. It was taken on an iPhone 4s.

- Grady Congdon


This picture was taken with my HTC HD2 which has 5 mpx camera. "Lo-fi" setting on the Instagram was selected for this picture.

I took this picture, after getting off of work, while walking towards my car in an empty parking lot. Since I had the "Shooting Challenge" in my mind, I took out my phone and clicked few pictures around the lot. This picture reminds me of the movie "300" which had the similar effects.

- Kathan Patel


This is a photo of my own eye, taken on instagram (pizzamiles) using the "Valencia" filter. I also used the macro lense on my Olloclip.

No two people have the same eyes. Every eye is unique. This is just one of many.

- Lisa Miles


Shot this with the new Android version of Instagram on my Galaxy Nexus. The filter used is Brannan with the contrast switched on.

This is the ashtray in the smoking area at a studio I frequently freelance at. The other smokers (basically only two others besides myself) don't ever seem to take it upon themselves to empty this thing which is pretty annoying, but I thought it would at least make for a cool photo.


I took this Instagram photo right before reading about this week's challenge. I knew as soon as I read the challenge that this would be the shot I would send in. This moth was sitting on my bathroom sink, so I snapped the pic and came up with a simple and striking image. The small framing of Instgram eliminated any other point of reference in the shot, making it much more interesting than seeing a blurry soap dish or toothbrush in the background. I used a very small circle blur tool around the moth to help eliminate any tiny bathroom detritus that gave the photo depth of field. The filter I used helped with that, too. What I was left with was this little moth in a vague, ghostly landscape.

Taken with Instagram on an iPhone 4S using the Amaro filter

- Gabe Loewenberg


I've taken many photos with my phone, but I had never used the Instagram app until now. To be honest, I didn't really get it. I've seen dozens of instagram photos on my facebook news feed from friends... but I didn't get the point. Having said that, I really like my photo. For the past few weeks I've been noticing bees pollinating on the flower bed in my front lawn. I noticed a bee jumping from flower to flower when I remembered the challenge. I quickly took out my phone and snapped a photo. I regretted not using the camera's zoom capabilities but I was still able to get close enough to the bee without disrupting it. I played with the different filters until I found one that I liked. I hope everyone enjoys it.

-Samsung Galaxy Nexus phone.
-5 megapixel rear camera.
-Instagram App
-LO-FI Filter

- Fernando Fernandez


This shot was taken in the Amtrak No. 5 Bar Car on my trip from Green River to Salt Lake City Utah this weekend. The car was filled with high school kids talking smack and playing cards on one end, and the grown ups drinking cocktails and admiring the passing views on the other.

- Sara Rollins


Instagram was only a tool to show the photographs I see everyday, so I just had to wait for the right moment to present itself. Today, I saw a surreal photograph in the sky even before I took the shot, and it reminded me of my surreal dreams that are only in my unconscious memories now.

- Jennifer Castro


Taken with an Android Motorola Photon at the Chesapeake Boathouse near downtown Oklahoma City with the Lo-fi filter applied.

With the bad weather the Midwest has been having, there hasn't been a really nice sunset in a while. Sunday after the weather cleared through was the first time.

While the camera on the phone can't capture all the different tones that a DSLR can, it did reasonably well. With the Lo-fi filter applied, it was able to darken the building and sky enough to separate it from the warm colors of the sunset in the background and the reflections on the building's windows as well as leave the subtle lights shining on the sixteen columns standing in front of the building.


- Calvin Lee

Instagram: Filter X-pro II.

This was a tough but fun challenge. The fun part was to use a new tool (at least for me) and go outside to capture as much of the city as I could (its marathon weekend here in Boston, and the weather is perfect). The photo capture is also much more intuitive than hipstamatic, at least for me. The tough part was to make sure the choice of filter on the spot was perfect since post-processing was not allowed: What can I say... I am spoiled by Aperture routinely fixing crappy photos I take out there.


I took this one on my way back from running the B.A.A 5K. It's on Newbury Street in Boston, MA.

- Diego Jiménez


Shot with an iPhone 4

I used the Rise filter and the line shaped blur to get a "mini" or strange focus effect. I took the picture with my iPhone above my head to get most of the structure in the picture.

I work for my local school system as an IT professional. We were stacking and getting rid of older equipment. This is my "masterpiece" pyramid. It is about 5 foot 9 inches and has a total of 18 15" CRT monitors with cardboard in between to keep it stable. The shape happened because the pallet was too small for the regular amount and I wanted to see how high I could go. The sad part is I had to cut this stack down and redo it properly as a 27 monitor stack (9 monitors in 3 levels). Bummer.


- Chris Pandoliano

Driving around town I stumbled upon a small chapel in mid Koreatown in LA. It was late night and I was tired but the lighting on this specific side of the chapel was amazing. I pulled out, got out of the car and had to dodge some cars before snapping 2 photos. This one was the only door with no hobo on sight.


ISO 200
Lo-Fi Filter

- Bayardo Pinzon

Taken from my Galaxy S2. Used the Lo-Fi setting. Finally thought I would be able to enter into a Gizmodo competition. Decided to enter in with a picture of my favorite dessert.nIt was a hot cloudy day. Perfect day for Green Tea Ice Cream.


- Zeeshan Bakhrani

Story: Every time I use my laptop, my cat Oolong immediately becomes jealous and tries to fight for my attention. Sometimes she will lie on top of the laptop, chew the corner of it, pull out the power cord, or just keep meowing until I give in. However, this particular time she decided staring me down until I started petting her was the appropriate course of action. It makes me wonder who is really in charge sometimes.


Information: This photo was taken with my beloved HTC Rezound using the Android operating system.

- Bryndan Bedel


I shot this today as part of a challenge to capture vacant places. This was after all the Washington Capitals players. fans and ice resurfaces left for the day at Kettler Capitals Iceplex in Arlington, VA.

- Manda Kowalczyk


Rootwork, is a shot of the roots coming outta the tree in my back yard with some flowering foliage at the edge. The image was shot on the same Droid X via Instagram forget which filter, maybe Hefe, the image was rotated 180 degrees in Instagram, as well.

- Mark Thoresen


I've been trying to find opportunities to spend more time with my future step-daughter (I'm marrying her mother next month) and it was a gorgeous day, so we went for a walk on a trail behind our place. We passed several patches of dandelions and she kept picking and throwing them because she liked how they flew in the breeze. This was her first attempt at blowing the seeds off, and it's going in my time-capsule.

- Joshua Bowman


It has been warm these past couple of weekends in our nation's capital. A couple of friends were in town and wanted to go sight seeing. The Lincoln Memorial is one of the best places to take people. Whenever someone goes there for the first time, they always are speechless for the first couple of minutes. Thought I would show why... Enjoy.

- Sergio Olaya


Of the many, many, photos I've taken of my notoriously cute Bella, I have not taken any with Instragram. I used my trusty iPhone 3GS in the early morning hours as Bella relaxed following her nightly outdoor adventures. No remnants were left at the stoop, so I assume that she consumed her prey whole — I thank her for that. I used the Kelvin and blur (depth of field) filters.

- Rodrigo Moscoso


This is a beautiful street in Old San Juan Puerto Rico. I feel this picture truly captures the look and feel of the city. I took this picture while on vacation with my fiancé and knew it had to be Instagramed the moment I took it. I feel this picture truly represents what Instagram is all about. There is that "color-pop" we love in photography, tons of contrast, a clean but yet grungy look and feel, a foreign language present to offset the norm of everyday objects, and finally the true meaning of Instagram. A memory. A snapshot of a time and place that I might not ever see again. But I will always have my Instagramed photo to remind me of the beauty in Puerto Rico.

Shot with an iPhone 4 and edited only in Instagram.

- Matthew Carr


Used an iPhone 4, Hefe filter, and blur tool.
While sitting in my car near sun down waiting for the laundry to dry and watching Netflix I glanced down and noticed my reflection in the gear shift knob in a Ford Fiesta. Immediately I switched to Instagram to snap the picture. After moving the phone around to get as little of it as possible and me in the frame I snapped it.

- jereme Skelton


I used the poor man's method to get macro on my iPhone 4 (droplet of water over the lens). I took a picture of a small screw adjusting often to get the focus and lighting as best as I could. It was a little tedious and certainly would prefer the macro abilities of my slr but it got me out of my comfort zone. Used iPhone 4 with Sutro Instagram filter.

- Jared Grayden