I'm a volunteer docent at the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum in McMinnville OR. On Friday afternoon I saw the dramatic clouds outside. Recalling this contest, I dashed outside with my Motorola Bionic Android phone and stood where the 1943 Consolidated PBY Catalina was in front of the clouds.

I'm glad that I recently installed the ICS Camera app because I was able to use the brightness control to compensate for the backlight. I rarely use my phone for photography since I usually have my Nikon D-40 available. I have never used Instagram before; in fact I had to install it for this contest shot. Although I cursed at the square format required by Instagram, I was relatively pleased with the result.


- John Ousterhout

iPhone 4. Natural morning light coming through the window.
Simple symmetric composition. Great shadows and contrast on the hardwood floors.


I am converting an 81 Trek road bike to single speed.
I was taking apart the wheels on the floor in the living room.
My fiance was not happy with the pieces, parts and tools everywhere.

- Tim Bottchen


This is called bullseye because as you can tell, I'm a lousy shot. For some odd reason after i go shooting at the range I tape these up all over the basement wall when I'm finished.l. My spouse hates it!

I just thought the photo was cool so what the heck I submitted it! I took it lying on the ground using an iPhone 4s
with the Hefe filter. A diagonal blur was used to enhance the photo. I wanted it to look kind of like I had a hundreds of these bulls-eyes but really only had one other row slightly off camera.

Sarah Vanheirseele


This shot is called Dead Flowers, d'uh!
It was shot in my bathroom where I had pretty good light but wanted to darken the photo slightly. Using the iPhone 4s and the x-pro II filter, it gave it that creepy nine inch nails look. I added a little blur for detail. These are my wife's wedding flowers from about five years ago. They've got about two inches of dust on them!

Jason Vanheirseele


For the first time in quite some time, I decided to go to the local park to play some basketball. Because I hadn't played in a while, I was a little out of shape, so I took a break in between games on a nearby bench. While I was watching that was going on, I noticed that the scene in front of me would make a solid photograph with the trees and sky in the horizon behind the action, so I took out my phone, and snapped the photo on Instagram. Taken with an iPhone 4 with the Sutro filter applied.

Bassel Mudarris


"The fake ones are the prettiest"

I was quite pleased when Instagram finally made it to the Android market. Here is a simple shot, like most Instagram shots. They are fake flowers. My wife's grandmother lives close and we visit her on a regular basis. She likes having flowers around and she likes to have some in almost every room. Because of this and her age there is a good amount of fake flowers throughout her condominium. These were in her bathroom. I took a shot not really even thinking about it and the "Lo-fi" filter just worked so well I figured I'd send it in.
I shot this on my HTC Evo 4G; Instagram - Lo-fi filter.

- Patrick Harms


Equipment: Samsung/Sprint Epic 4G
Settings: 5MP camera, hit the high contrast option and Brannan filter sans border.
Step #1: Distract my children
Step #2: Line up the shot
Step #3: Kneel down and take the picture.
Step #4: Apply edits in Instagram.
Really, if you're going to take a picture and you have kids who are not in it, Step #1 is the most important :)
The Story: This beautiful walkway is part of Oakhurst Gardens which is part of the Minnetrista Cultural Center in Muncie, Indiana. Oakhurst, built in 1894, was the home of George, Frances, and Elisabeth Ball (the benefactors of Ball State University and of Ball-Mason canning jar fame). This home was named Oakhurst because of the oak grove surroundings. Some of the garden's features and flowers have survived over one hundred years and remain much like they were when the family lived here. This is the Colonnade Garden which is a peaceful escape amidst limestone columns draped in wisteria, intricate mosaics, and capitals set in lush, shade-loving perennial plantings. The columns and capitals are artifacts from the Minnetrista House (the main house of the Ball Family) after it burned.

This is one of many beautiful areas that I love taking pictures with families and kids. On weekend mornings and evenings it's not uncommon to see 3-4 photographers working different areas of the gardens with their clients. I love this place because with or without a person as a subject the pictures always turn out beautiful. I really love the columns down the walkway as it's something that isn't very common place around the area.


Hey Gizmodo,

Attached is my submission for the Instagram Shooting Challenge.

Title: Beer and Popcorn

Taken at: Lucky 13, San Francisco, CA

Description: After drinking several pints of my favorite beer, Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA, and munching on lots of free popcorn I started to play around with Instagram for the obligatory "drunken photos of half-full pint glasses at bars" pictures. This photo turned out far better than I expected, and is one of the few that looked as good the next morning as it did that night! haha


Can't wait to see all of the other submissions!

- Dan Jackson



This image was taken using the new iPad on standard settings in Instagram. I found that if you smudge the lens with your finger you will get the artifacts from the light in a direction perpendicular to the smudge, so I used that to get the glare effect on the little christmas lights. The Decanters are all vintage crystal and are filled with Maker's Mark, Markers 46, and Rum in the background there.

P.S. I submitted another shot of a Native American through the glass ball of one of the decanters but realized later that that submission breaks rule #2. I'm hoping rather than being disqualified I could submit this one instead and you can throw the other one out.


- Sam Garfield

This shot was taken on a hike to Sturtevant Falls in the National Angeles Forest. This was an area of a small stream where the water was perfectly still, so the reflections in the water looked as if you were staring into the sky. I used my iPhone 4s using the Hudson filter to capture my own reflection in the sky.


- Joseph Alexander

sneaking up on me w/ a confetti egg, aiya (aka flying burrito) still has confetti flakes in her hair. iphone4 snagged it on instagram between bites of frybread.

- Aaron Duran


Equipment & Technique:

Taken with an iPhone 4s and Instagram. No super special filters on this one! Just brightened it up a bit with the high contrast and uploaded to Instagram. I wanted to be able to capture the sun in the background a bit, but it was just too bright for the photo. So I stepped to the side until one of the pillars hid the sun a bit and it turned out really great.


I was just getting off the bus this morning and noticed the sun was extremely bright as I walked past the pillars signaling that I was in the International District. I looked over and saw the sun coming up over the trees and instantly thought I should submit it after reading about the contest yesterday. It just caught my eye and I really love just bieng able to snap a photo when I look and see something that just needs to be captured. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


- Zack

I was in the Bay Area heading to a job interview via BART. To take my mind off interviews or any similarly stressful situations I usually go and try to take some photos as I wait around. My train was coming so I stepped in a bit for a shot. I had HDR on knowingly because within a split second I decided I wanted a blur effect. I threw it into Instragram and chose the Lo-Fi filter because it manipulates the photos the least I believe and in a bright setting, the heavy contrast isn't too overbearing. This was the end result.


iPhone 4S, HDR on, Instagram (Lo-Fi filter).

- Joant Ubeda


Greetings Gizmodo. I took my first trip ever outside of the US. I travel to London for 3 days then I went to Dublin Ireland to play in a poker tournament. So I laugh how you always see the green exit signs. I am a gamer and I played the game portal a lot. Now obviously you look for exit signs while traveling because you are in places you have not been before. Well everytime I would see the sign to indicate a building exit, I would just chuckle because to me it made me think to jump through a portal to be transported to my destination. Was I being followed by GlaDoS? I think I'll stick with my red E X I T signs instead of these portal style design signs.

Taken on an old iPhone 3GS. Thats my entry for the contest

- Wesley Duncan


Good Morning (because it's still AM on the West Coast)!

Friday the 13th turned out to be relatively lucky for me and this shot. I work in IT and my motto has been, "If it plugs in, it's my responsibility". As such, I found myself on the roof of my 3-story office building before 7:30am on the unluckiest day in April plugging in a GPS unit. I was really going for a good shot of Mt. Rainier, but found it's just too far away for my cellphone to really do anything spectacular. I was crouched behind some fascia/decoration on the roof and noticed that weird variant of lens flare. I used Lux + the Hefe filter on my HTC Droid Incredible 2.

Lisa (Instagram @lisa_not_lis)


The Shot:

My Orchid. In my House. While naked. eating a coconut muffin. made by my girlfriend who kicked me out of bed for snoring too loud after a night of drinking and watching the hunger games. and drinking red wine. at 635 am. while arguing with my muffin making girlfriend that maybe having the Ball jar in the background was not a good idea, and that maybe the church shot was better. assuring her that the church shot, while good, was not as good as the flower shot, Ball Jar notwithstanding.

My virgin Mobile LG VM 701 The LG® Optimus™ Slider . using the Black and white instagram filter.


- Chris Stecher

"Scientific Magic" Taken with iPhone 4S using the line focus and Brannan overlay.


I took my girlfriend to the local diner for a quick bite to eat after work last night and I remembered seeing something like this on Reddit and always wanted to try it out. When pulling my wallet out, a nickel fell out too and it landed next to my fork, jogging my memory. After several failed attempts, I finally got the balancing act down. Immediately after the shot was taken, my girlfriend shook the table causing it to collapse in on itself just to spite me.

- Chris Scott


Equipment Used: Droid Incredible. No camera settings were changed (brightness, zoom, etc.) Just pointed and shot.

Filter: Lo-Fi

Title: The Edge of Night and Day


We had a series of small storm cells sweep through our area yesterday evening and some were small enough to dump rain on top of you while the setting sun was still fully exposed. This was by far the most vivid rainbow I had ever seen and I liked the contrast between our brick apartment building and the rainbow arching over it. When I applied the Lo-Fi filter, it made it look like the rainbow was the dividing line between night and day—another neat effect.


- Ross Hammond

Shot through HTC Desire HD.

Friday 13th, 18:44 Mumbai, India - Puff of the magic dragon before the click, puff of the magic dragon in the snap.


- Smaran Sahu

This is a shot of Adams street in Chicago looking west. I was heading
home from school when I decided to take a shot of this beautiful warm
day in the Windy City. I used my iPhone to take the shot of the street
looking down from the orange line El stop. The circle surrounding the
picture is actually a window near the edge of the platform to keep
people from falling. I used to frame the picture and give it a pinhole
camera look.

how I felt at work. the day its over; but tomorrow comes today.


This is a church about a block from where I work. I drive by it every day and thought it would make a good subject in a picture. One day I'd really like to take an HDR picture of it with my DSLR! This morning around 8am I was walking to another building and walked by the church. As I walked by, I snapped this picture in Instagram. I played with the effects until I found one I liked and applied it (although I can't remember which one it was). Photo was taken with an iPhone 4S.

- Logan Thomas


This photo was taken with the iPhone 4 in landscape mode using Instagram's Brenan Film.
I am a Virginia Tech student studying Industrial Design and caught myself staring at the pylons in the center of campus. The pylons are a staple of the campus and serve as a memorial to all deceased Tech military personnel. The names of the eight pylons are Brotherhood, Honor, Leadership, Loyalty, Service, Sacrifice, Duty and Ut Prosim (in the forefront of this image). Ut Prosim is the Virginia Tech motto meaning "That I May Serve". As I was heading back to the studio I decided to snap a quick photo of them as the harsh lighting created crisp shadows on the ground and the weathering on the limestone was highlighted.

- Joe Vidmar


Equipment: White iPhone 4s, a tree, the app instagram with the "lux" and the lo-fi filter.

It had been raining while I was at work and after it had stopped I decided I wanted to go out and take a picture of a leaf
with water droplets on it or perhaps while a drop was coming down off of a leaf. I thought that would be a really awesome shot
to enter in this competition. One of my staff members comes outside and said "if you want a better candid shot come over here"
she guided me to the Mulberry tree and pointed at the moss. "That would make a great shot" she said. So I pointed my iPhone up toward
the tree and leveled it out against the tree lined it up and took the shot. I looked at the picture and she was right it was truly a great picture.
I brought it to her and we decided on the best filter to use and that was lo-fi and it really brought the moss and the silver of the mulberry to life.

- Charick Pickens


I took this shot today from the boardroom at the office where I work. The photo is of the Toronto view of Lake Ontario, The focus is on Toronto's 1 King West Hotel and Condo.

- Dave Sousa


I took this with the camera on my tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1). I used a macro focus with the "candlelight" scene mode and applied the "Brannan" filter. I took it while sitting in the park just after it stopped raining late in the morning.

Marie Burio



Taken at a park near our home in Williams Bay, Wisconsin. Our 2 oldest kids were laughing and enjoying the beautiful day. No worries, no fear...just joy,

Taken with: Apple iPhone 4
Date: April 12, 2012
Filter: X-Pro II
Location: Edgewater Park - Williams Bay, WI


These are my children in the photo and any release needed can be provided.

I try to take the F Market as often as I can- which admittedly isn't very often. But I try to when i can, and it's because I have a sincere love for the old cars. They each have a different soul, and sound and smell. They breathe and wheeze up and down Market and I always cherish those moments when i can catch a glimpse or take a ride. It was one of those moments when I was lucky enough to catch one of my favorites, the green one. One of the oldest, at least in appearances, and there are only a few people on so it's quiet except for the car itself, the late afternoon light was perfect. Instinctively i reach for my phone to take a snapshot and capture the elegance of this beautiful machine. Particularly the cascading amber lights that line the ceiling. It felt like i was watching a sunset from inside a bottle of wine. When i try to describe why i love living in this city so much i never feel like i quite get it right, but when i show them this picture i feel like i get close.


- Ray Fernandez