"Office Terrarium"
Shot on an iPhone 3G
Shot Time 2:45pm
Shot Location Chelsea Market

I've had this little desktop terrarium for couple months, and it's slowly kicking the bucket even thought there is sufficient light. Before it completely dies I thought I'd snap a picture and let it live on forever on the internets and Cyberwebs.


- Jason Speenburgh

This is a picture of a small little insect friend who roamed around before ending its short life by falling into my drink...


-Adam Galloway

I was walking back from a meeting on Washington Street in Hoboken when I came upon the back side of the Newman Leather building. The shot was almost too good to be true and I kinda wish I had my DSLR, but only had the phone on me. Under the fire escape was parked a bad ass street bike - I felt like it was on a movie set or something. This is the shot I was able to get, and to me it's aesthetically perfect. I hope you enjoy!



This is my white deaf kitten Aella.

I work from home and sit happily in my living room tech supporting field nurses whom I assume eat their wounded from their wonderful personalities. Anyway everyday as I sit here working this little white fuzzball runs up to her cat tree and flips upside down making a sort of rolling purr sound. This means she demands for me to rush at her arms flailing around like one of those wacky tube men and then try to get her as she runs up and down the back of the cat tree. This goes on for a few minutes until I need to get back to work and then shortly after she does it again and again until she promptly just falls asleep mid action. After one of these episodes with her I picked up my iphone 4 and just took a few random pics. Most of them are a crazy cat blur that makes her look like a cat shaped demon here to prevent me from ever getting any work done. The last pic however is this glorious piece of cat photography. I'm actually mildly annoyed at this picture as it's one of those pictures of a pet so good that you know the rest will just be down hill from here.


- Rowen Gunn

I took this shot of my 1970's Moog Synthesizer using my iPhone 4 and the 1977 filter in Instagram and a standard flash. I just really like the way the MultiMoog Synth looks when it's shot from an angle like this and the filtering, in my mind, looks pretty rad.


Benjamin Roesler


"Smelly Cat" cup on the table + curious cat (named Mo) = true story!

It came naturally, no fancy setup. I tried to choose a filter that made the "Smelly Cat" text on the cup visible. Also, I wanted less focus on the background, so I chose the Sutro filter. It gives the picture an aged color photo feel.


- Octavian Ghenea

Equipment: iPhone 4S/No Flash
Application: Instagram
Filter: X-pro II

Here is how I captured this shot, it started on the 10th of April and I was at work on the phone talking to someone about my annual check up and scheduling an appointment, when all of a sudden I was VOLUNTOLD about a detail (Army definition, detail: specific assigned task given to an individual soldier or group) and the thing came about to me last minute. So we met up with the person who was running the whole show and got our specific instructions, which were, to guard all equipment in the site that they will be holding an annual event. So we go to this site, which is a few miles away, and we come up to a yellow hinge gate and what I seen beyond that was an amazing thing, "my shot", so we enter the wooded area and we had to walk 3 quarters of a mile in and boy did we trek, did I mention it was raining that day? I was still amazed in what I saw and in my head I was thinking that I have to get this shot, so we go in the brief us again about the area, blah, blah, blah. Still thinking in how amazing that shot would look, that's all I had on my mind. So I didn't get the shot that day, too much extra stuff going on.


So on the 11th day of April I woke up and got ready for my appointment and didn't know that I would have a very long eye exam, remember that appointment from 10th I set up? This is what I set up, so she tells me that I will be getting my eyes dilated, yet again the only thing that I had in mind was the shot. Well I get done with my exam and head out and keep in mind I'm driving to my place of duty and my soldier is there waiting as I approached and I got out my truck and I asked him what did he think about the view beyond the gate, he replied, " it looks amazing" so I pulled out my iPhone and still dilated and Oakley shades on my face to keep the brightness out my eyes I centered my self where the two yellow gates met in the middle and I reached in them and with both arms in the gates I held my iPhone in both hands, blinking and squinting my eyes I found the Instagram app applied the filter and held steady and grabbed an amazing shot of this lonely road which will house the 8th Theater Sustainment Command Annual Philip A. Connelly Awards Program for Excellence in Army Food Service which is about 3 quarters up this wooded area and the only way to get there is by foot or military vehicle on this lonely road.

- Abel Munoz



My name is Alecio, I took this shoot with an iPhone 4s straight from Instagram.

The title of my photo is: The Bitch's House, I mean, The Witch's House

The house on the photo is located in Beverly Hills, and I was doing the shoots when suddenly the owner appeared outside screaming "Get out it here....", "I am just tired of tourists taking photos here...", and he went on and on, for a while, I just said, "Why don't you cover the house or stay here outside the whole day scaring people...". It was funny, the guy did his little show and went inside and I took one last shoot, the one I am sending here. Thinking about the tile, it works so well.


Alecio De Paula

Native resolution in saving the pic was 612x612 for me though I see the article says something about 970px. Sorry if I messed up here.


This was taken with my iPhone 4S today on the way out of Potbelly Sandwiches on Chicago Ave in the River North area of Chicago. I just saw it pinned to their announcement board while I was walking out. I pointed it out to my girlfriend and we both snapped pics. There was only one smiley face tab left so we left it alone for another to enjoy since we already had the real McCoy.

- Nate Grede


The story behind this shot is simple. I just downloaded Instagram for Android a few days ago, but had yet to use it before this morning. I was walking to my car past this tree in my front yard. I don't know what the tree is called, but this time of year it looks beautiful with string-like blossoms of white and light green. The morning sun shining on it was breathtaking, so I thought it a more than worthy subject for my first Instagram shot. It was taken with my HTC Evo 4G and I applied the filter X-Pro.

- Daniel Murphey


Shot with the iPhone 4s.

This is a instagram of my wonderful grandma. She had just recently stopped dyeing her hair, and it was the first time I had seen her with her white hair. I love how she is wearing the bright vibrant purple sweater and pink vest, that wonderfully contrasts the white hair swirled with bits of black. She is a great lady and she made for a great shot.

- David Yoon


I would like to enter this photo of Precious. She is a female Shih-tzu
11 years old. The only equipment I used was the instagram camera and filter inkwell
Precious is special, she has had bladder stones, several times; which requires surgery and pulls through like a champ each time. She is on a special diet to help control the PH.
She is the first and only Pet I have ever had at my age of 69 and love her dearly. She has won awards for her photogenic face, on calendars in the past. Loves having her photo taken, of course she knows she will get a treat. She had the most beautiful long hair that we had to cut short due to her problems. That almost got the best of me, she still is Beautuful and seems to be happier not having to comb her hair every day, and that is what counts.
Thank you for allowing me to enter and hope you will like her photograph.
Barbara Gentry, owner of Precious and photograph.

Backyard stucco wall and fence. Taken with the new iPad, using the famed point and click technique. I thought the textures were interesting, and contrasted well with the hose and planter box. So I used the high contrast effect to accentuate the textures and the Earlybird filter to unify the color palette. Translation: I was too lazy to leave my house to take a picture. Plus, walking around the neighborhood with a ginormous iPad would look stupid. Still, I think it's a cool photo. No really, I do.

- David Grossman


For two hours I walked up and down the waterfront trying to combine my favourite aspects of recent pics. ie: Hard lines, reflection, and a flourish of colour in an otherwise monochrome snapshot... here's the result.

- Andre Turner


"A memory from a distant past"

A place where I usually wait for my girlfriend after work. Usually fills with pre-schoolers from nearby kindergarten. However, I got here a bit early today and this is what happened. A flashback.

Equipment: Instagram on iPhone 4s.
Settings: Inkwell filter with a horizontal tilt-shift right across the center (completely ignoring every single rules of shooting).
Everything else: None; it's Instagram and it all starts & end within a small 3.5" device.


- Blueberry

UK national but living in Cairo, Egypt for the last two years. Things like Marmite, Dr Pepper and pork are incredibly hard to find. So when I stumbled upon these beauties in a back ally supermarket I had to pick them up. More so, I had to take a photo of my bounty for the Facebook crew. A few days later Instagram for Android was released and this was the first photo I messed around with. I was pretty happy with the end result J You can see dust on the bottles where nobody had brought them in so long, probably having no idea what Dr Pepper is…I like the way the box is in full color and everything else is grainy and old looking.


- Tim Burns

Phone: Samsung Galaxy Note
Instagram ID: mindgrains
Filter: Sutro

This was taken around 7am on 4/8/12 while biking home along the "Jail Trail" that runs out of downtown Pittsburgh. It was truly a beautiful morning, weather wise. Also, the bike is a Swobo Sanchez, for anyone wondering!


Wes Roach

Title: Nails.

Taken with iPhone 4. The filter is X Pro II.

Decided to ape a style of shot that you often see (inexplicably?) on
the Instagram Popular page. Hopefully my relative lack of
consideration to a subject and composition will rile the photography


Love, Paul (@dogsgoboom)

American loco on polish track.
Taken with iphone, prepared with instagram.

- Adam Lukowski


Read about the contest and immediately walked outside in the rain with
my iphone 4 to pop off a few shots and see what I could make happen.
Pretty happy with the results. The photo is shot and edited
completely in instagram. I ran it through multiple filters by
intentionally causing the upload to instagram to fail by doing the
editing in airplane mode and re-importing the photo from my camera
roll once the upload failed. Did this 3 or 4 times. Anyway, I think
its an ok photo. What do you guys think?


Adam Planche


This is a shot of Bennett; he'll be a house guest with me while my bro is on his honeymoon.
I developed an unhealthy relationship with my Transformer after the tablet camera challenge, and with Instagram just launching for Android, I figured what the hell...
My brilliant technique was to wave the tablet around over Bennett's head and tap the Instagram shutter button until I got something usable (too lazy to actually stand up and frame a proper shot). This was the third try(!).
The shot used the Instagram for Android "Use Instagram's Advanced Camera" setting; I slapped the "Earlybird" filter on (with Polaroid-style white frame), as it actually made the shot look pretty good - grain, bad lighting and all.
I have to say, in spite of the situation outlined above, and the light being a single fluorescent shining in from the bathroom, I actually really like this image.

P.S. I'm not sure what the native Instagram resolution is; I saved the attachment out of Dolphin on the Transformer from the Instagram web page. Come to think of it, this whole challenge was done on the Transformer...

- Bel Alkov


I took my friend to the WWI memorial in Kansas City to see the view of the city "on the hill". Kansas City is full of amazing history, art, and entertainment. In this picture you can see places like the Power and Light District, Sprint Center, Union Station, Crossroads, Famous Western Auto sign, Kansas City's Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts, and the spectacular skyline view.

- Andrew Knabell


I snapped this with my iPhone while walking to the local chinese buffet because I'm a fat, car-less loser. But after seeing how well it turned out I didn't feel like such a loser anymore.

- Alma Luquin


Giving double red blood today and decided to snap a picture. It feels good saving lives(and looks pretty good too).
Sutro filter iphone4

- Michael Wilder


Denver Art Museum - iPhone 4S - Instagram (Inkwell Filter)

I'm down in Denver for some work training and was out walking around the city after dinner. We couldn't get into the museum, but the structure is just as much a piece of art as what it contains. Someday I'll get off work in time to make it inside.

-Nick Roosen


Naked iPhone 4S, Alma Thomas Theater of Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas. Taken with Instagram, 'Hudson' filter applied, titled 'Nuances'.

I've been working on a project with two Music Professors who have received a grant to create and record eight works for guitar and voice to form a song cycle focusing on the environment, particularly the importance of water for creating and sustaining life. Every time we set up the recording equipment, I've marveled at the precise details of the microphones—particularly the one photoed, a Peluso 22 47 LE. We were having a particularly long session one night and I decided to snap a photo of this microphone as the performers were taking a break. I composed the shot on a whim and went with the first take. I later applied the 'Hudson' filter, because it allowed for a nice balance of interesting colors on the microphone while still allowing a hint of the empty theater to be seen in the background. The light flares come from stage lighting, which the performers prefer while they are recording. They were not particularly intentional, but happened to add a unique characteristic to the shot (especially the long streak on the left). The title was inspired not only by the nuances that this particular microphone is known for, but also the subtlety of the mic's colors, dim background, and light flares.

- Jonathan McAtee


Hey guys, my name is Kerry Litvak and I am a novice Instagram user. I am a 29 year old, color-blind male that lives in Brooklyn, NY. The picture is of Coney Island shot from a moving Q train in the middle of the day. It was shot with my Motorola Atrix "4g" without any other equipment. I always enjoyed the scene when going to and coming from work so I decided to try it with a little Instagram magic. I really love this image because it shows an interesting scene, its one of the most popular and fun places around and yet its totally empty and deserted. I used the "Kelvin" filter to give it an even more hot dessert feel and I think it looks great. I really hope you like it.

Hey Guys,

This was taken with my iPhone 4 using the "Kelvin" FIlter. Its a picture of one favorite DJ's, Kaskade, at his album release party at Marquee NIght Club in Vegas. The DJ was just the first stop of one of the craziest nights in my life.


Chris Hurko