Although I have way to many artsy fartsy pictures in my instagram stream, i decided to submit a picture that means more to me.
This is a picture of my husband, Gerald Barnes and myself on our wedding day, on the way to the court house.
He is a United States Marine, war veteran and my hero!

Thanks! :)

- Danniel Barnes


This is a picture of my cat Blaze when he was around 4 months old. I snapped this shot with my iPhone 4 when he was on my desk. He thought my school laptop was a bed, it was not! but he didn't care, now I got a iMac. Haha

- Bruce Stine


this is of my 4 year old daughter Ashlyn (her nickname is Cannonball), we were out in the cold watching her sisters soccer game. this is one of multiple shots i took with my iPhone 4. my little girl is a ham when it comes to photos, i am glad we are in a digital age or i would be broke buying film.

this is my first entry to your contest, i don't know where mine will stand but i love this picture of my kiddo :)

- Steve Smith


Colton Seagrist

I was going to school in Santa Monica, and I saw this beautiful truck. It also happened to rain that day, and I took the shot in the bus with my iPod Touch and uploaded it when I got home.


- Kevin Famuyio

A few friends and I came up to San Francisco and I thought I'd show them around. It's a rainy week in California, but nevertheless we decided to go on a walk down to the base of the Golden Gate Bridge. The lighting turned out to be pretty cool and I thought it'd be a good chance to make my first Gizmodo submission. I used my favorite filter, Amaro, and the clarity booster to capture my friends trying to stay dry.



Well it was my first time in California, it's a picture of Venice beach. I didn't use a filter, the only setting I used was the the little sun symbol I guess would be called daylight, which gives it the shadow look.



Bonnie Hoogenboom
24 Years old
Iphone Instagram, Sutro effect

I snapped this shot while walking in the parking lot at my local movie theater. The lighting on the stairs caught my eye and I almost walked past it but I couldn't resist going back to capture it, and I am glad I did because it is one of my favorites.


I took this at the FDR Memorial while my parents were in town visiting. This was my first time at the FDR memorial, which is embarrassing because I am a Landscape Architect and have studied the hell out of the memorial.As far as the shot is concerned, I have no idea what filter I used on this, but I took it on my iPhone 4. Might not be my best Instagram, there were some I took camping a while back but they are too old for the competition.

- Doug Davies


Equipment: HTC Thunderbolt, no flash

Subject: Desk toys

Filter: Inkwell

Story: This is the first, and very likely last Instagram photo I'll
ever take. I've spoken out on several occasions about how having a
camera doesn't make you a photographer and having this software makes
it more true than ever. Having never used it, I'll grant that the ease
of taking and sharing photos gives the app some value, but not 99
cents worth and absolutely not a billion dollars worth. I realize how
negative this comes off, but now I can say I've tried it and, despite
the promises of its fans, using it has not changed my mind.


- Christopher Kirkman

Equipment: iPhone 4S

Technique and Settings: Regular shot (No special settings) with Lo-fi 2 Instagram filter.


The picture is of Rusty. He marvels at the outside world and basks in the sun while sitting atop the dining room table. He is probably the nicest cat in the world (no exaggeration).

Joe Mancillas



I took this photo from one of the hills of Griffith park (California). The structure below is the Griffith Observatory. Took us about 2 hours to reach the top, we were all in sandals. Not a good move.

Go Gizmodo,


I took this picture with my iPhone 4S using the Kelvin filter on Instagram.

It was a beautiful day with clear sky in Los Angeles. Me and my girlfriend where on top of Santa Monica Pier Ferris Wheel watching this awesome sunset.

- Ed Lima


I used my iPhone 4S with the X Pro II filter on Instagram to take this one.

I was on my way to work one morning and the mattress was on the corner of the street with those sayings written on it. It was asking for a shot.

- Edvar Filho


Instagram contest entry.

Photo taken 8/24/11 in Green Bay, WI
instagram filter: Gotham

- Pete


Hi there,

iphone 4s + Instagram

I took this whilst walking along the seawall in beautiful Vancouver. All around the seawall people (assuming its people although ive never seen them) create these balanced stone sculptures, which caught my eye. Jumped down on to the rocks, took one snap and instagramed all the space of about 30 seconds. I think i used Valencia with the sun thing on. Anyways i was super impressed with the result of not only the iphone 4s camera but also the software.


Thanks for your consideration!

David Kenny


The only equipment I had was my iPhone 4S with Instagram on it. I walked outside to my car and RANDOMLY saw this abandoned doll on the sidewalk and I knew that it was a perfect opportunity to take an artsy picture. The picture shows the doll how I found it: bent over, abandoned, forgotten. I simply bent down on one knee wanting to get a long shot of the street and took the picture. I used the 1977 filter; I really wanted to go for a post-apocalyptic "Fallout" feel. This picture reminds me that life can be such a lonesome road.

- Corey Pham


Yo Gizmo,

We had just got home from vacation in California and were putting all of our clothes away, I had set our son down in the livingroom (He had just started sitting up straight) in front of his new teddy bear. I looked out into the livingroom from the kitchen and he just started smiling at me. He is always more comfortable when we are home. The sun was just setting and lit up the living room really nicely. I love the tones the instagram edit gave it.

Love your site. keep it up!

- Jon Johnson


Title: 38

I have been following these contests for some time now, I have always had an appreciation for photography and plan to one day get myself a true camera when I can afford it. So when I saw that this time the contest would be for Instagram only, a program I just recently got on my android platform, I knew I wanted to give it a shot.
I knew exactly what I wanted to photograph as well, due to the fact that I had taken plenty of pictures of it before as part of my job. I work as a Product Engineer for an investment casting facility in California, where we pour steel and super alloys into ceramic shells to make aerospace products. Therefore as soon as I read the post, I put on my safety glasses, went down to the floor and started taking pictures of pours using Instagram.
Only took 3 tries to get the one I wanted, which captures the final moment of a pour, as the near 3000F alloy comes in contact with a near 2000F shell and takes the shape of what it was meant to be.

Taken with my HTC Thunderbolt (I know im surprised it lasted long enough for me to take the picture too), using the instagram app, X-Pro Filter and brightness.


- Daniel Turgeon

I took this shot on a drive up Highway 287 from Fort Collins, CO to Laramie, WY. Yes I was the only person in the car and yes it was probably very dangerous, but those Colorado sunsets are just too much to pass up! I took several shots on my way up but this one especially caught my eye because of the sign that's slightly bent. I feel like it breaks up the background a little and gives a sense of scale to the mountains and the sunset (I'm no photography major though so I might be getting this all wrong).


Shot on: iPhone 4S
Instagram Filter: Sutro

- Vincent Levinger


Here are my two images (same picture, in both sizes and names as requested). I shot it on Instagram with my iPhone 4s. I've never done a photo contest like this, and in fact have never used instegram before today. I saw the contest on Gizmodo and thought... what the hell, I'll give it a try! I sat thinking about what to take a picture of for a few minutes when I looked over to my best friend/dog Gold-e (yes, like Wall-e) with this very cute, almost artsy "thinking" face on. I thought it was perfect. Hope you like it!


Tom McKee


Taken with iPhone 4S, this shot was taken with instagram in front of the MET museum in NYC. I held the phone in a vertical position as I captured this shot. The lo-fi filter was applied to this shot to give it the dark undertones you see in the clouds. I had just finished walking cross town and when I arrived at the museum a originally wanted to take a picture of this child who looked like Jesus sitting next to who appeared to be his dad, who coincidentally looked like Jesus as well. By the time I pulled my iPhone, and attempted to open up instagram they were gone. I could only imagine where then went, heaven? Maybe? Who knows? ANYWAY... I didn't want to look like a fool so I asked myself, "what would Jesus do?" I proceeded to take photo of randomness until I took this photo and I decided this was the one. End the end, I was still disappointed, baby Jesus and Regular Jesus would have made an awesome shot.

- Andrew Luma


shooting summary: iPhone 4, lo-fil filter & Lux on instagram

I shot this earlier today in Kona, HI when we encountered a bunch of turtles on a beautiful blacksand beach. It was a pretty terrible picture before the instagramming, but then I used the Lo-fi filter and the small sun icon (lux?), and it actually didn't look half bad. I still don't know if I'm a fan of instagram, but I'm pretty happy with this picture.

- Kyra Mungia


Shot with an LG Optimus 2X

Cycling can wait because we have ice-lollies now.


Kenny Fernandes
(Father of subjects)


shot was taken on a HTC EVO 4G instagram native camera settings and a filter chosen at random

- Martin


I took this shot using my HTC Desire on my way home from work. I was walking from my car to my house when I looked up and saw this cloud in the distance. I had no intentions of sending this in, until I opened up my laptop and saw that you were having a shooting challenge for Instagram! Luckily I took the picture about an hour after you had posted the article, so I was able to submit!

- Matt Dillon


This photo was taken with my iPhone 4S using the lo-fi filter.

I came across this odd fellow while walking through an abandoned train depot in my town of Harrisonburg Virginia. Without the filter, the large doors are a reddish brown and the figure did not stand out very much. So in selecting the filter as soon as I saw it the head was jumping from my screen.

- Jonathan Martin


Details: Taken with Instagram on an Evo 3D with the default settings - the depth of field is authentic. Native resolution was 960x960 so I upscaled it for the contest requirements. The filter I chose was to call attention to what little clarity there is in the glass.

Story: I recently took a trip to New Mexico and was surprised to see how different it is. Native American culture is big down there, but it's sort-of been turned "upside down" by the United States as well as early Spanish influence. The people there are descended from both the conquerers and the conquered. There are several meanings behind the duality of the image. This was taken in my apartment. The glass bulb is the top of a crystal decanter and you can see the top of another one (that I found in New Mexico) to the left. The image is of Sitting Bear by Edward Sheriff Curtis taken in 1909 and is in the public domain.

- Sam Garfield