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Blockbuster and Dish Network are launching a video streaming service, but its early success may be hindered by a movie-dominated catalog.


According to Netflix's chief content office Ted Sarandos, as much as 60 percent of its customers prefer to watch television shows instead of movies. It's one reason the streaming service is working hard to add TV shows like Mad Men and BBC's House of Cards to its media library. It's not like Netflix is abandoning movies, says Sarandos, it's focusing on TV shows because that's what consumers want.


Netflix may be embracing the world of TV programming, but Blockbuster's feet are firmly planted in the movie business. The Blockbuster and Dish Network endeavor will offer 100,000 DVD rentals, thousands of streaming movies and only hundreds of television shows. If consumers really do prefer TV episodes to movies, then Blockbuster may be coughing up some cash to license content from broadcast TV. [PaidContent]

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