Should I Buy the New [Insert Gadget Name Here]?

I'm guessing that 95% of the Giz readership will find this flowchart helpful or offensive. In either case, I regret nothing! [I Love Charts via Chartporn]



My Flow chart

A and B can be interchangeable

New product (A) comes out

- Read scads of articles/reviews on said product

- Focus only negative reviews

- Look at competing products (B)

- Read scads of articles/reviews on competing product

- Focus only on the negative reviews

- Scratch head in complete confusion

- Buy original product (A) out of frustration

- Read more reviews to validate my feelings about A

- Begin to notice the flaws mentioned in research about A

- Start reading about all the positive things about B

-Begin to think I should have just bought B

- Realizes all my obsessive research was meaningless

- Unhappiness