Sidekick 4 and Sidekick Slide?

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Boy Genius and Engadget got their hands on some renders from Danger that seem to be the upcoming Sidekick 4 and Sidekick Slide. The Slide, seen in a domain registered by T-Mobile, looks to be fatter than the regular Sidekick 4/Sidekick 3 we've seen before.


The Sidekick 4, if these renders are correct, has a wide screen that fills out the entirety of the middle section, and pretty much keeps the same-ish face buttons as the 3. But with great messengers like the Helio Ocean upping the ante for QWERTY phones, what's the next gen going to bring to the table that we haven't already seen?

Sidekick RAZR, and Sidekick Slide surface [Boy Genius Report via Engadget Mobile]



I have owned a sidekick for the past 3 years. Had the 2 now the 3. I sit in anticipation for the next new dezign. I just want my notice to come on my phone when the 4 is available. The only thing is the decision of which one, slide or flip,..... slide or flip.....flip or slide! Never ask the kiosk people..They r on commission!!!! Sidekickers of the world unite... R the accessories available for it now, like the different colored pouches, blue tooth protective covers for the phone. or will the phone have surface damage b4 they come out. My 3 was damaged by the pouch, constant in and out. pissed me off had to get a skin and put on it to hide the marks. SK ID = SK KNOCKOFF.............