Possible Upcoming Sidekicks: LX, LE, Slide

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Hiptop3 did some digging around on whois databases and discovered three new domains registered by T-Mobile. They are, in random order, sidekicklx.com, sidekickle.com, and sidekickslide.com. T-Mobile's already rolled out Sidekick Limited Editions for the Sidekick 3, but we haven't heard much about any phones properly dubbed the LX, LE or Slide.

Sidekick LX and LE [Hiptop3 via Sidekick Slide]

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Tristan Smith

it's not the sidekick LE. It's the side kickle (pronounced sorta like tickle). I was talking to this guy whose cousin's brother-in-law's half sister's son works at the t-mobile corporate office and he told me about the kickle. It's going to be touch sensitive and respond to jestures. also it'll have integrated wifi for t-mobile@home. It also is supposed to have enhanced EDGE, 2mp camera, GPS, and an integrated Hot Plate and coffee maker! An Industry first!

It's going to to be the cream of the crop for the sidekick line.