Sidekick Aspen/Gekko Screenshot Leaked

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Danger fans have managed to get a screenshot of the Sidekick Aspen/Gekko, the company's replacement for the teen-friendly iD. It seems like the newest addition to the Sidekick family will be a cheaper option to the more upmarket LX, and will feature web browsing, a 2-megapixel camera with video capture mode, and "highly customizable features." It's not completely clear what "highly customizable" means, but looking at the picture, it might have to do with the ability to switch colored bumpers. Also not clear: why there were two different release dates for the Apsen and Gekko if they turned out to be the same product. [Hiptop3]




I seem to forget that indeed there are still people that use a sidekick. I had the SK2, followed by the SK3 and swore I would never own anything non-sidekick.

Cut to two years later, I couldn't care less what Danger is doing because they seem to be FAR behind the bigger players in the smartphone world. (RIM, HTC, Nokia, Apple, etc.) I now use a Blackberry 8830 for enterprise and hope to replace my iPod touch with iPhone 2.0.