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At first glance this looks like some sort of supersonic aircraft, but it's the Slider S5 Automatic Iron from Siemens, a precision instrument for those of us to whom ironing is not second nature. It's got three-position automatic shut off, can crank out gobs of steam, and has a three-section hot zone, one for pre-dampening, the second for soaking and the third for the really hot stuff that dries off all that moisture real quick-like.

The thing even functions as a vertical steamer to take wrinkles out of that sportcoat you slept in last night. Plus, there's no need to use distilled water because it has an anti-calc system. This iron looks so radical you might want to store it in your trophy case for all to see. By the way, for $133 it ought to do more than heat and steam; it shouldn't be called "automatic" unless it actually irons all your clothes for you and hangs them in the closet.


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