Siemens SK65 Reviewed: Coolest Phone You'll Never Get

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It's a shame that Siemens is pulling out of the mobile phone business just before they end up releasing one of their coolest phones, the Blackberry-capable SK65. There's a review of the unit on BlackBerryForums and it looks great—a couple of minor issues, like a smallish screen and occasionally bogged down application start times, but in general just a seriously well-designed product. Apparently only 150 of the phones have been made and that's likely all there will be, but at the bottom of the review they list a dealer who purportedly has 10 North American versions that he's selling for $900 apiece. If you've got the cash to plop there isn't going to be a much more exclusive phone around for a long while.

Product Page [BlackBerryForums]


Update: A couple of you have written in to say that you've found the SK65 in Italy and Russia for around €500. Maybe it's not so limited edition after all.

Update update: Now it's starting to make sense. Tom Glogowski writes:

The 500 euro price of the sk65 is the one not including a unlocked version of BlackBerry Built in, there are three models of the SK65, only 150 were ever created of the SK65 with BlackBerry Built in, which certainly do NOT go for $500 euros..