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The newsletter looks great—here's a recent example—and it's perfect for those who don't manage to check the site as often as they want to or for those who just want all the hottest stories waiting in their inboxes. All you have to do is enter your email address and we'll take care of the rest. We even pinky swear that we won't spam you.

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Newsletter's are very 2000, and unfortunately, so is your mobile site.

I do most of my "Gizzing" (hehe) on my Nexus One, which is unfortunate because Gawker Media and affiliate's mobile sites are downright awful.

It's pretty safe to assume that anyone reading a tech blog from a mobile has at the very least EDGE download speeds, so why in the world wouldn't I want to view the entire article automatically? I have to press "View entire article" every single time I click on a post, and press back twice just to get back to the home page.

The comments are listed backwards, four comments at a time. Trying to read all the comments for a post is akin to dragging my genitals backwards across coarse-grained sandpaper.

Does Gizmodo or Gawker Media have any plans to release an app for Android, or at least improve the mobile experience? Engadget has an amazing app for Android, and their mobile site is much less painful. But I like Giz better, so I'm hoping you guys are working on something.