Behold the newest, fastest, most badass attack helicopter in the world

The S-97 Raider—Sikorsky new attack helicopter—is out and it is not only gorgeous. It's absolutely badass. It is based in the same technology as their X2 technology demonstrator, which broke the world helicopter speed record in 2010: 260 knots—that's 299.2mph (481.5km/h) vs the 172mph of conventional helicopters.

According to Sikorsky's Mike Miller, it "is an all-new helicopter, all-new configuration. We haven't seen something this new in 30 years." The Raider uses counter-rotating rotor blades with a push propeller on the tail. This unique combination allows it to pulverize all speed records.


Obviously, its weight is limited. This thing will not have the same kind of firepower as heavier helicopters, but it will be able to zip to any location and provide troop support faster than any other chopper.

The aircraft will not be operative in the US military just yet. In fact, only two Raiders are built. They will be tested during 2015.

Image of the Raider unveiling by Vertical Magazine.

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