Silentmaxx ST11-PRO PC Case

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When we're testing out a PC in these parts, one of the most important considerations is its noise level. The Silentmaxx ST11-PRO quiet PC case has that base covered, packed with acoustical material covering all of its insides and hushing any racket that might emanate from within. With plenty of room to install your own ultra-quiet fans, the Silentmaxx also has a ventilation grille atop the case, giving you plenty of ventilation if you want to install a fanless power supply.

This fine-looking case, along with some carefully-chosen fans and processors, might result in the quietest PC ever. We like that. Available in beige, black, silver or red, the Silentmaxx ST11-PRO case is $158.


Product page [QuietPC, via TRFJ]

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