Illustration for article titled SIMFi Transforms Any (SIM) Phone Into a Wi-Fi Hotspot

First, the Eye-Fi added Wi-Fi to any camera with an SD card. Now, the Sagem Orga SIMFi does something similar. It's a SIM card that adds Wi-Fi capabilities to cellphones...Wi-Fi hotspot capabilities, that is.


Just like the Eye-Fi, the SIMFi runs its own integrated software, meaning there shouldn't be any special setup on your phone. You pretty much just plug it into a phone and you're good to connect a laptop, or any other Wi-Fi device, to the internet at 3G speeds.

But whether or not the SIMFi is coming to market under its own branding is unknown. For the time being, it may just be a proof of concept that's being shopped around to interested entities like AT&T or T-Mobile. You know, so someone can charge you an extra monthly fee for the thing. [Sagem Ogra via SlashGear]


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