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Space flight is not just for governments any more, and a group from Singapore is getting in on the action, with a bold, fantastic press release about its plans to open a $115 million spaceport complete with astronaut training facilities and suborbital space flights. A partnership between Space Adventures, Ltd. and an unnamed Singapore-based consortium, the hook for tourists is a 62-mile-high spaceflight where passengers will experience five minutes of weightlessness while gazing out into the infinite and beyond.

Space Adventures already claims to have sent tourists into space, renting out rides on a MiG-25 where passengers hold tight to air sickness bags while seeing the curvature of the Earth at 80,000 feet.


As for the upcoming space flights from Singapore, tickets are not available yet. Don't hold your breath.

Space Adventures Announces $115 Million Spaceport in Singapore [Born Rich]

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