Gaming with goggles? Haven't tried it just yet, though I hear it's coming in our uncomfortable, slightly expensive futures. 3D PC gaming? Even more obscure to me, although Sapphire's single card setup sounds multi-monitor cool.

The single ATI Sapphire graphics card boasts Eyefinity support across three 3D displays. We've seen Eyefinity before, most recently at PAX East, but in that case it was a monstrous if not slightly confusing six-monitor behemoth running Modern Warfare 2 through what looked like a window.


You have to use glasses (groan), and price isn't known yet (expensive?), but I'd be silly to say some people aren't pumped about 3D gaming, PC or otherwise, and I imagine this will reside on their desktops in the near future. [3D Radar via Engadget]

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