Sir Howard Stringer Named Supreme Leader of All Things Sony

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Howard Stringer, up until now Sony's CEO and most public face, has been named President as well. An interesting move, as he's always been surpisingly frank about Sony's unwieldy size and structure.


Sir Howard—who Wilson presciently anointed as one of the next Gadget Gods last month—has lived near the top of the company for almost five years now, but has had limited success in his efforts to simplify the anatomy of the company. His replacement of Ryoji Chubachi as President comes soon after Sony's comically abysmal fourth quarter earnings announcement, and has been interpreted as a sign that Sony is really, seriously trying to change.

The NYT reports that Sony is planning to "reorganize its electronics and games divisions to better integrate the company's sprawling business" and has appointed the former CEO of their games unit to head up the effort. Obviously this would mean some serious internal reshuffling for Sony, but as far as consumers are concerned, it could also lead to some drastic changes in Sony's convoluted product lines. [NYT]



That is mighty interesting, if I went from an interactive dept. to head of everything I would 'really' make all products in some way interactive.

Imagine a survival horror game where the scary things come to life, your walking a dark hallway in the game and suddenly the coffee machine pre filled with coffee turns on and makes a cup but the machine is "gasp" your coffee machine in the kitchen and the lights and beeps start going haywire and when you shut it off your tv tells you to get out then your stereo turns on to a random local radio station and when you change it back the screen flashes to some scary ghost thingy then the tv turns off by itself ... then your sony erickson phone receives a movie msg which has a scene played out where a character in the game is being captured ... ok I better stop lol otherwise someone is gonna take my fantastic idea