Siren Edge 4GB MP3 Player

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If you're fed up with iPods (and why would you be?) you might want to take a look at the Siren Edge 4GB MP3 player, which pretty much it does what most of the other MP3 players do, but does it with a shiny kind of asymmetrical style. Created by some of the guys who brought us Rio and Creative MP3 players, it plays MP3 and WMA files, transfers data via USB 2.0, and lasts 16 hours on an AAA battery, according to the company. It also has an FM tuner with 20 presets, and can record voice, live sound and FM radio.

Not much new here, but we do like the look of this Siren Edge. We're not too crazy about the AAA battery inside, but if you put a rechargeable battery in it, that might make it bearable. Now if the company would just put that FM radio on a buffer that would let you record, say, the previous 10 minutes of whatever station to which it's tuned, we would like it a lot more—even though the RIAA wouldn't.


Product Page [Siren, Inc., via Anything But iPod]