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Siren's cutting the cord and moving out of their parent's basement with two new home wireless music solutions. First up is the Siren Screamer, which is a wireless stereo adapter that hooks up to your PC and transmits audio to your speakers.

Not mind-blowing, but the Screamer can interface with iTunes and WMP to browse playlists on its LCD display, and has a range of 150 feet. Audio flows at 1.536 Mbps, so even your lossless tracks should play skip-free. This retails for $129.99, and only has PC support for playlists as far as we know.


The second is the Siren Wireless Headphones, which has a 120 foot range and a built-in microphone so you can Skype as well. The headphones last about five hours on a single charge and goes for $99.99.

Both wireless devices will be available in March.

Product Page [Siren Player]