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Zune, Schmune. This is the money device right here. The Sirius Stiletto is the latest portable satellite radio device that will revolutionize the world! Well, probably not, but I like to think so given that I am the resident satellite radio junkie. Orbicast has a few little tidbits of rumors about this new portable player. Check them out, below.

• The device will not be a full-time live wearable receiver. Instead, it will come with the option to plug in an antenna/power module to enable on-the-go listening. Hence the connector at the TOP of the unit seen in Mel's hand.
• The device is not designed by Ziba (the agency that designed the Sirius S50).
• The Sirius Stiletto SL100-TK1 has been pushed back to September/Fall as Sirius awaits more color on RIAA-related issues with XM on both the legislature/lawsuit front.
• The final device will be black (as opposed to the unit we saw Mel waiving around) and will look like a "wider S50."
• There will be two devices: the first will be the Zing player which is pretty much an S50 with added Wi-Fi abilities. The second will be the Stiletto with a Live option.


Oh baby, I am excited. Sirius, you guys need a savvy blogger to give it a test run?

Sirius Stiletto: Rumored Bits & Pieces [Orbicast]