SIRIUS Update: Pics, Info, More!

If you recall, last week SIRIUS had a super secret press event that, unfortunately, bloggers were not invited to. So I've been spending hours upon hours hunting down info about what went down. To begin with, the guys at Orbitcast have found some beloved high-resolution photos of a couple of the announced receivers. The Starmate4 is pictured above and the Sportster3 is pictured below it.


Other information has surfaced from this press event regarding the highly anticipated (for me, at least) Stiletto portable music players. We first heard details about the Stiletto 100 last week when some Crutchfield catalog scans hit the Interweb. The Stiletto 100 will be able to store up to 100 hours of audio, includes Wi-Fi and an antenna for live SIRIUS streaming. It will be available in September for $350.

The Stiletto 10 will store 10 hours of audio and is essentially the same as it's bustier brother except the lack of Wi-Fi and the cheaper ($250) price tag. The Stiletto 10 will be available in October.


Starmate4, Sportster3, Stiletto 100 & 10 Details [Orbitcast]

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