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Sixty Percent Of Us Chose the Frosties and More Black Mirror: Bandersnatch Stats

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Admit it: As you moved your way through Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, you wondered what your friends chose. Now, Netflix has begun to let us know.

Several official Netflix Twitter and Black Mirror Twitter accounts went mad this evening, listing a bunch of random facts, which you can now read here:

  • “On the biggest day of Stefan’s life, over 60% of his friends from the future fed him Frosties.” - @BlackMirror
  • “Compared to the rest of the world, Brits were *less* likely to waste a good cup of tea (obviously). Bandersnatchers in Britain chose “throw tea” only 52.9% of the time. The rest of the world do so 55.9% of the time. - @NetflixUK
  • “73% chose to ACCEPT the job at Tuckersoft.” - @Netflix
  • “Out of the 5 main endings, the one where Stefan goes on the train with his mum *fights tears* was the path least traveled.” - @NXonNetflix

Speaking personally, I did not choose Frosties, I did not throw the tea, I did accept the job at Tuckersoft (at first), and I DID get to the mom on the train...after like four tries.

I hope Netflix releases more of these stats, because they’re fascinating.

What about you? What did you pick?

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