Skateboards With VHS Tape-Inspired Decks Let You Rewind a Few Decades

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The thought that today's kids will certainly have no concept of what VHS cassettes were is a little sad for those of us who grew up taping TV, rewinding movies, and messing with that mysterious tracking dial. But VHS cassette tapes will be far from forgotten as long as a few skateboarders embrace these retro-styled decks from 5BORONYC.

To anyone born after DVDs were introduced, the artwork on these decks will probably be a little obscure. But to their parents, there will be no doubt that the artists who created these designs were trying to emulate the cardboard sleeves that used to hold blank VHS tapes. And they certainly succeeded. If you're old enough, it's hard to look at these $50 skateboards without brands like Memorex, Fuji, and TDK popping into your head. [5BORONYC via designboom]