Ski Jumping On a Ziplining Bungee Sounds Fundamentally Unsafe

Look, I’m sure a large team of well-trained ropework professionals have decided that ski jumping while attached to a bungee line, attached to a zipline, is a safe thing to do. But every single part of my brain involved with self-preservation is telling me it’s a bad idea.

Bun J Ride is an activity in Tignes ski resort in the French Alps. For $75, willing victims can ride skis, snowboards, or even tandem sleds down a ski jump. They’re attached by two bungee cords to ziplines on either side, which reduces the risk of penduluming around like a lunatic with sharp metal planks attached to your feet.

Despite the obvious safety precautions in place, I would still be nervous about going down. I enjoy the activities of skiing, ziplining, and bungee jumping; I also enjoy Kraft Dinner and champagne, but they’re much better one at a time.


[YouTube via GearJunkie]

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Ski Jumping On A Ziplining Bungee

Did anyone else have trouble understanding that gibberish? It perfectly describes what’s happening, but I had to read it a few times to understand how those words fit together and I didn’t fully understand it until I clicked on the link and saw the .gif (it didn’t load on the main page for me).