SkiBob Lets You Swim Like Superman

SkiBob is like a miniature jet ski that can pull you along on the surface or under water. It uses a combination of a 5hp electric motor along with an electric jet stream to propel you through the water at a brisk 12.5mph, letting you swim faster than all but the quickest fish.

It's safe, too, turning off and floating back to the surface if you let go of it. If you're not wearing scuba tanks, you can set it to automatically turn off when it gets to a depth of around 8 feet, but then you can set it for a maximum depth of over 120 feet if you're a brave soul with air tanks on your back.


How does it work?

It works with an impeller, sucking in water and moving you along quickly and safely. It has an LED display that shows you how much power you have left, and then when it's time to charge the battery after zipping around for about an hour, it takes 6 to 12 hours to fully charge.

These are sophisticated devices, highly maneuverable and designed to take a beating. You'll pay for that quality, though, with the lowest-priced 3.3hp model costing $10,450, while the fully tricked-out 5hp model will run you $15,360.

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