This hirsute-yet-handsome Iberomacho is Rui Pereira, creator of an instrument for non-musicians (no, chaps, it's too early for such smuttiness.) The TUIST, or Tranformable Uber Interface for STardom, is basically a tube with sensors that measure finger pressure that can act as either guitar, bass or drums. Developed at NYU (Pereira is on the Interactive Telecommunications Program). Aimed at "people who don't know shit about music," the TUIST is for Guitar Hero fans who want to take their "fretwork"/""string-plucking"/"tub-thumping" skills to the next level—without learning a thing about music. Rather than just parroting the riffs, the TUIST lets you be creative on it, and lets you record your attempts to put Yngwie /Bernard Edwards/Buddy Rich in the shade on its built-in loop controller. [Wired]