Skip the Microwave, the Popcorn Monsoon Makes Snacking a Spectacle

It's certainly a thrill when a bag of microwave popcorn starts its cacophony of tiny explosions, but the magic is hidden away inside a paper bag, masking the thrill of popping corn. So designer Jolene Carlier re-imagined the hot air popper with her Popcorn Monsoon that's as entertaining as watching a hamster dash through a plastic maze.


Since the contraption just relies on hot air for popping, instead of heating oil, it ends up producing a more healthier snack in the end. And watching that spinning tornado of freshly-popped popcorn slowly rising will certainly be a draw to kids, helping lure them away from other less healthy snacks in the process.

It's still a concept at this point, but there are no technological hurdles preventing this from going into production one day, so keep those fingers crossed and those husk-picking toothpicks at the ready. [Cargo Collective - Jolene Carlier via MoCo Loco]

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