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Skip the Nail Holes In Your Wall With This Sticker Clock

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Not keen on the idea of creating a nail hole in your drywall just so you can hang a wall clock? Designer Jamie Wolfund's found a better way—kind of—as long as you don't mind repainting when it's time to take it down. Instead of nails or screws, the Sticker Clock uses two nine-inch pieces of adhesive vinyl tape to hold the clock hardware to the wall.

Those strips of vinyl also happen to be printed with the numbers representing the quarter hours, so as long as they're placed properly, they end up serving as the clock's face. You'll just want to make absolutely sure the Sticker Clock is positioned exactly where you want it, because tiny adjustments don't look that easy. [Jamie Wolfond via MoCo Loco]