Skullcandy LINK Backpack with MP3, Cellphone Playback

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Ready to annoy everyone on campus? Sure you are! This backpack will do it in a hurry. The Skullcandy LINK backpack has speakers integrated into the backpack straps along with a microphone. The backpack will hook up to your cellphone and MP3 player. Music plays back through the speakers and when a call comes in you can reduce the music volume and then accept the call, hands-free. It includes the option of using a headphones or a headset, and unless you want a barrage of swirlies, you better keep your calls and music to yourself. It retails for $130.


Product Page [Via Gizmos for Geeks]


I could see this being useful for those commuting on a bike. Safer than riding with headphones, and you will only be annoying for pedestrians for the brief second your pedal by.