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It's no surprise given the current hype level, but there are no less than three 3D programming announcements making the rounds today. Two of the three deal with—surprise!—sporting events.

ESPN 3D, which we've heard about before, will produce and air a 3D MLB Home Run Derby on July 12 during the All-Star break. This is but a day after the service officially launches alongside the 2010 World Cup in South Africa (the inaugural game is set to be Mexico/South Africa).


Next up is Sky 3D, which will broadcast a 3D Chelsea vs. Manchester United game on April 3. The match is the first of six 3D Premiership matches scheduled to take place this season.

Japan brings up the rear with a non-sporting network that will nevertheless be broadcast in 3D, all the time. It'll be the second for that tech-savvy nation, with the new one leveraging (marketing buzz word alert) content from the acTVila on-demand service. [acTVila, ESPN, Sky 3D via Engadget]

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