Skype Mobile 2.2 Out, Adds Smartphone Support

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Not only does the updated Skype 2.2 add support for Windows Mobile Smartphones, there's updated today/home screens and even proxy support. We've been using Skype on Windows Mobile PPC devices for a while, and if you have a fast enough processor you should definitely give it a shot.

Motorola Q, T-Mobile Dash, or Cingular BlackJack owners can go download a copy now, but be prepared for some choppy performance if you're not using WiFi.

Product Page [Skype via jkOnTheRun]

Image courtesy Zatz Not Funny

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Skype can go F themselves. They've been talking about releasing a symbian OS version for years now, and they can't figure out how to get their mac version working correctly with the isight. And guess what, now they're going to start charging $30 a year for calls wihin Canada and the US... buh-bye skype!