Skyscraper's Rooftop Pool Spills Everywhere as Earthquake Rocks Manila

Gif: Michael Rivo

The Philippines was rocked with a 6.3 earthquake this morning that sent buildings swaying and people running for safety. But one of the most bizarre videos of the earthquake so far has to be this footage of water pouring out of a residential skyscraper in Manila’s Binondo district. According to local reports, that water is from a penthouse swimming pool.

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The building, called the Anchor Skysuites, is relatively new and didn’t officially open until 2015. It’s one of the tallest buildings in the area and is credited as the tallest building in any Chinatown around the world outside of China.

The video, credited to Michael Rivo, was just one of many videos capturing the terrifying experience. Another video shows the opposite angle of the building, as water cascades down. Thankfully, the earthquake didn’t cause a tsunami. At least not from the ocean.


Manila Bulletin Online published two of the videos on YouTube, showing that the water only makes it halfway down the 625-foot structure before turning into a wind-swept mist.


The earthquake was centered about 37 miles northwest of Manila, and at least five people have died so far. A local airport terminal has been shut down and there’s major disruption to the area’s transportation lines.

The region experiences frequent earthquakes, and thankfully, this earthquake wasn’t as devastating as some in the recent past. Roughly 4,791 people died in 1976 during a 7.9 earthquake in the area and 1,666 died in 1990 during a 7.8 earthquake.


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