SkyTone RST102 USB Phone Reviewed (Verdict: Fo' Real)

Skype continues its march to take over the world, and all sorts of phone manufacturers are rushing into lubricate the transition, one of them being Radiant Technologies with its SkyTone RST102 USB Phone. It's specifically designed for Skype, and was reviewed on ZDNet with a conditional thumbs-up.

Like many of us, the ZDNet reviewer is accustomed to using headsets with Skype, but says less geeky types will love its telephone-like look and feel. From here, what we like is the way you plug it in and it just works. Best of all, the reviewer described its sound quality as being somewhere between "sounds just fine" to "crystal clear."


Now if Skype's network quality would just get a bit more consistent, the potential POTS-killing phone service along with this little USB phone might find a bigger niche.

New toys - USB Skype phone [ZDNet, via CrunchGear]

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