Slap Wrap Watches Celebrate the Glorious Materialism Of the Nineties

If you grew up in the 90s you probably spent your teen years lusting over incredibly expensive sneakers, begging your parents for a leather 8-Ball jacket, and wrapping obnoxiously patterned Slap Wrap bracelets around your wrist. It was a time of unbridled materialism that this reborn Slap Wrap watch seems to celebrate instead of condemn.

What's even a more fitting tribute to the 90s is that this modern take on the bracelet—which uses a series of simple LEDs to display the time—now costs a whopping $150. A small fortune compared to the couple of bucks required to participate in the original fad. But this time around there's little chance of someone accidentally slicing themselves open with one thanks to a durable silicone sleeve. Up next, gold-plated Pogs.


[Ritmo Mundo via Chip Chick]

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