Slegoon Sled Might as Well Double as a Coffin

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When you go to pick out your Slegoon for that next killer run down the mountain, be sure to pick a color you like, because you could be living in it for a while. Underground. Like, because, you'll be dead and it's your coffin! Get it?! Anyway, the Slegoon here is the winning entry in the UK IOM3 Design Innovation in Plastics competition. The roll cage, such as it is, protects the rider and doubles as extra runners should the death trap sledding device flip over mid-run.

Illustration for article titled Slegoon Sled Might as Well Double as a Coffin

Insurance not included, nor offered, we imagine. [Design Blog via Trendhunter]

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So how fast do you think one of these things will go? Gather round and let me tell you.

Few years ago I was working on the weekend as a ski instructor at a semi-major NYC area ski mountain (that's a giveaway... there's only one). For winterfest they decided to have an employee contest to see which department could build a cardboard sled and go the fastest. The rules were that it had to be all cardboard, no special surface treatments no wax. Of course there was cheating. EVERYONE cheated.

The contest rules were simple: Jump on the cardboard sled at the top of the run, radar gun at the bottom of the run would determine who was going fastest. First up was (I believe) the electricians. They had coated the bottom of the "sled" with lift tickets, overlapping in a careful lamellar pattern to minimize friction.

They blew through the end of the run with a radar speed over 55 mph. They sped across the few yards of flat at the bottom of the run without shedding any speed. Next up was the berm built up by the front-end loaders that clear the parking lot, which formed an imperfect ramp that launcehd them ass over teakettle into the cars in the parking lot.

Serious Head Trauma ensued, including a medivac helicopter ride and a long, long stay in the hospital for two of the pilots. No further runs were made. Contest cancelled (duh!)

So, would I ride one of these things? Hell yes! Get me my helmet, Martha!