Illustration for article titled Sling Introduces Clip Sharing Technology with Clip+Sling

Now all of you Slingers can be just like the Tivo'ing YouTubers that you are so jealous of. Sling Media has introduced Clip+Sling. It is a simple application that that allows Slingbox users to share short segments of television. Clip+Sling is a simple process used via the SlingPlayer software. You can even share clips with non-Sling users with this software. The CBS television network has also shown interest in the technology and will be working with Sling on this service. It is currently in beta testing, but expect it to be available in the second quarter of 2007. More details to come as we get them. Sling Media will be demoing Cilp+Sling at their booth tomorrow and we will be all over it.


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