Sling Media Slingcatcher is Real: IP Video Streamer

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A few weeks ago, Dave Zatz dubbed the device in some leaked Sling FCC filings "Slingcatcher". He was right on. Amazing psychic powers, Dave! It's Sling Media's latest box, and it doesn't send video out over networks, apparently in HD. It streams video inward. Which is kind of yawn-tastic, in a day where the idea of IP video boxes are common. Or rumored to be. Good thing for that high res capable HDMI connection.

Then again, this seems to be mainly a client for your Slingboxes, meant for use on other TVs. So it's really not a new product as much as it as a Slingbox accessory. Wait...what's that, Dave? You'll be able to download video content using a PC client to the Slingcatcher's optional HDD? That could be really cool, depending on who provides the content. We'll have to wait and see.


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