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SlingPlayer Beta for Mac Updated, Development Plods Along Like a Plowhorse

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This image was lost some time after publication.

The SlingPlayer software beta for the Mac continues making progress at a snail's pace, and today there's an updated client available which fixes a few bugs and supports Mac OS X version 10.3.9. Plus, there's a new skin that looks a little bit more Mac-like.


Considering that we saw alphas of the Mac SlingPlayer nearly a year ago, we're just wondering if this development could go any slower. Hopefully we'll be seeing the shipping version of Mac SlingPlayer before humanity begins its diaspora to the fully-terraformed Mars.


On a positive note, the SlingPlayer Mobile software now works on even more smartphones.

Mac SlingPlayer Beta Updated [Zatz Not Funny!]

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To Sling's credit, they're REALLY sweating the details on this beta. Yes it's taking forever but wouldn't you rather have slow but constant evolution vs. vaporware and never-fixed software? One thing Sling do is get the software right and respond to complaints. You may be retired or dead by the time it's done though.