Slip This Tiny Bottle Charger In Your Pocket to Keep Your Phone Refreshed

There’s no law that says a portable charger has to look like a rectangular slab, so why do so many companies insist on sticking with that awkward form factor? Styled after a metal water bottle, Philips’ PowerPotion DLP3003 is lacking in sharp corners that might poke at you when slipped into a pocket.


The PowerPotion’s cap, tethered by a rubber strap, is removable, revealing a built-in Lightning connector for charging an iPhone or iPad. And the portable charger’s 3,000 mAh battery is enough to bring a dead iPhone 6 back to life, with enough juice left over for an extra kick later on.

With a built-in Lightning cable you’d assume the PowerPotion DLP3003 was designed for Apple devices exclusively. But on the bottom of the PowerPotion you’ll find a microUSB port for charging devices other than an iPhone or iPad, as well as a full-sized USB port for topping off its own battery.

You can grab one now in one of two different color schemes to match your mobile device, but you’ll have to live in Europe or Hong Kong to do so, as Philips has yet to bring the PowerPotion to North America just yet.


[Philips HK via designboom via Behance]


Photos via designboom and Behance

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