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Slo-mo Footage of a Giant Knife Splitting a Projectile in Mid-Air

Can you really split a bullet with a sword? The Slow Mo Guys tested the logistics of such a feat, but using a safer approach that involved a giant super-sharp knife and a pellet gun firing tiny projectiles to minimize any undesired results—like one of them getting hit, or their incredibly expensive slo-mo camera getting destroyed.


It took some trial and error to get the ideal results, like pointing the pellet gun at the knife at point blank range. But the 28,500 frames-per-second slo-mo footage they managed to capture shows a pair of balloons being punctured and popping at nearly the exact same time, by the same projectile.


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So Ryan Reynolds splitting the bullet in X-Men Origins: Wolverine has turned out to be the most reasonable part of the movie?