SLR Concept Is Bold, Even If Flawed

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With the resurgent popularity of SLRs, it's about time that we see a little form-factor innovation come to the field. This concept by Manuel Prada essentially extends the lens into a telescopic design, removing the clunky SLR back. What's the point? The design brings one-handed use and added shot stability (at least according to my five seconds of paper towel roll testing).

Illustration for article titled SLR Concept Is Bold, Even If Flawed

But as Yanko points out, the flash ring around the lens glass would most definitely lead to problematic light (a.k..a lens flare) in the taken image. That's why lens hoods exist.


Those of you who take issue with the lack of interchangable lenses—that's already a new trend we're seeing in dSLRs. And really, the biggest problem to me seems to be the rolling off the table factor. Otherwise, I'm sold. [Perez Prada via Yanko Design]

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I see that rolling off a table onto a concrete floor to the sound of a grown man screaming "Nooooooo".

Seriously it has some merit, but having a screen (too small) where it gets coated with cheek grease is not good, and it should be oval not round.

Rotating rings are a bad idea, since then you need two hands to operate it. Better to have a row of buttons right under the fingers that are holding the camera, so you can do it all one handed (like many existing cameras.

Also it is way too big. Unless this is for astronomers it could be almost half that diameter and 2/3 as long, then it would fit in a pocket. Finally what about an automatic lens cap? Many modern cameras have them, and they are a big improvement.

Aside from that I liked it...