Smart Fridge Concept Generates Recipes Based On the Items Inside

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Quick, Smart Fridge! What can I whip up that contains half a jar of pickles, beer from Christmastime, light cream and lime juice?*

I ask because, you see, the Smart Fridge concept creates recipes based on the foodstuffs contained inside its as of yet nonexistent insides.


The trouble is it only *knows* these things if you type them into the touchscreen display. Seems like a hassle to me, so why not create a 2.0 version that reads RFID tags. Or a built-in UPC reader. Or something?

Anything, really, because if experience has taught me a thing or two, it's that I'd sooner go for takeout than type ingredients into my vaporware refrigerator.


*All the items currently in my refrigerator. [Yanko Design via DVICE]