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"Smartest Cover" Gives Your BlackBerry Storm Nipples, for Better Fingering

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

It was that or "The 'Smartest Cover' Is Dimpled For Your Pleasure," so consider yourselves lucky. Anyway, this thing: it adds tactile feedback to your touchscreen phone by means of little tiny transparent lumps. This might be stupid. Or genius.

It's stupid if the suspicions raised by the skimpy information on the company's spectacularly premillennial site are warranted: Isn't there a reason previous tactile capacitive touchscreen covers didn't totally cover the virtual keys? Isn't it irritating to have permanent keyboard-shaped dimples etched to the face of the device regardless of whether you're typing or not? How does this Super Advanced Future Product cost less than five bucks? Why are there no pictures of this cover larger than about 50 pixels? These are questions you should probably consider before PayPalling your dollars in this company's direction.


It's genius, though, if it works as advertised: A semi-disposable cover that could improve the Storm's frustrating typing experience for a few dollars would sell well, and, for the especially coordinated, the prospect of eyes-free typing on the Storm—and later, the company says, on the iPhone—is exciting. And the nipple jokes! Oh, the nipple jokes. The Smartest Cover for the Storm is available in a pack of three for $14, and an 3GS-compatible iPhone version is "coming soon." [Smartest Cover via Intomobile]