Smartinor, The Fugly Car Only This Babe Could Love

We're not sure whether we are dumbstruck more by this crazy concept car's design or that babe standing in front of it. This is what happens when a Smart ForTwo Car and a weirded-out '70s Eleanor Mustang from Gone in 60 Seconds get drunk and start talking shit to each other, ending up in some fleabag flophouse with the end result being a positive pregnancy test. Here's their progeny, a combination Smart Car and Eleanor Mustang, dubbed Smartinor.

Thalon Design likes to play games with car mods, and it's outdone itself with this one. Another pic of this shapely young lady falling all over this transmogrified car, after the jump.


It's a test concept, but this could be just striking enough to make it to market. If that sleek young filly comes along with it, we're in.

The Smart Eleanor [Thalon Design, via Autoblog and Jalopnik]


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