SmartShopper Grocery List Assistant: Talk Listy to Me

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Speech recognition continues to make strides, and here's another example, the SmartShopper Grocery List Assistant. Press its record button and simply tell it what you'd like to have on your shopping list, and it understands what you said, placing that item in alphabetically-ordered list for you. When you want to go shopping, just print out the little list and you're good to go.


All that coolness doesn't come cheap: it'll cost you a hungry grocery shopping trip's worth of moola to buy it ($150).

SmartShopper: Tell It What You Want, It Prints a List [Coolness Roundup]


In addition to the cool part of using voice recognition and not dealing with lost or multiple lists, this organizes your printed list by category so that as you're going down the snack aisle, you'll pick up both cookies and doritos. Cool. However, this needs to be priced at $79 or less and then I'll get one for my parents and myself.