Snake Eyes vs. Storm Shadow In Ninja Faceoff!

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If you're hankering for a little GI Joe action before the movie drops this weekend, then here's a swordy treat for you. It's the awesome ninja showdown from Larry Hama's SpyTroops, a CGI mini-movie which is hilarious and action-packed.

Larry Hama worked on the GI Joe comic, so this is the real deal - though admittedly a little goofier than the earlier cartoons. The good guys have to infiltrate the COBRA spy mountain hiding chambers, rescue Scarlet, and do a bunch of other awesome stuff to prevent some kind of techno-something (OK, OK, so I was watching the fights and not paying attention to the crucial plot details).

Anyway, this showdown between Snake Eyes and his former ninja brother Storm Shadow is genuinely cool, and the post-fight banter is fun. Definitely check out SpyTroops - it's out on DVD.


SpyTroops via IMDB