Armed with a shovel and a camera with a super-high shutter speed, photographer Claire Droppert made her way around a series of Dutch beaches and created these crazy Sand Creatures. The airborne formations look like the Sandman's brethren caught in the act of transformation.

The pics are the first part of a larger series exploring the impact of gravity on different earth-bound elements. To get the effect, she just launched a bunch of shovel-full of the coast into the air and snapped what happened—but it almost looks like they each could have self-assembled in some kind of seaside whirlwind. Here's hoping she didn't end up with too many eyefuls or mouthfuls of wayward grains by the end of the shoot.

The names she gave them hint at what they kinda-sorta look like—Caterpillar, Bull, Goat, Fish—like cloud-spotting, in a way.

There's lots of lovely stuff happening on her Instagram feed, if you feel like browsing landscape images that are probably—I'm just guessing!—a lot more beautiful than the sight from your desk this afternoon. [Visual News]