Sneakers Get Smelly in New Way, as Wi-Fi Sniffers

Designer Stefan Dukaczewski's sneakers join the line of wearable Wi-Fi detectors next to the T-shirt and wristwatch, winning the title of strangest so far. Based on Nike Dunk shoes, the prototype—dubbed A Step in the Right Direction—has an 802.11 detector under the flap on the left shoe, with a discrete three-LED display system. As you tromp along the street a pressure sensor in the heel turns it on, and Wi-Fi signals detected within 150 feet light the LEDs. So you could wander around in a "warmer... colder" manner peering at your toes, until you find the best signal. We suspect this'd lead to many cricked necks, but at least you'd be able to avoid doggy-do on your mission to "borrow" someone's Wi-Fi. [ASRD via Talk2MyShirt]


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