Wi-Fi Detector Shirt, Self-Detects Geeks

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The Wi-Fi Detector shirt does everything you'd dream it could do: detect Wi-Fi signals and share them, via your chest, with the entire world. Spotting both 802.11b and 802.11g networks, signal strength is displayed in real time (big animated gif post-jump). After you are done broadcasting your (super ability?) to the world, just slip the AAA batteries out of the built-in pouch and unhook the decal, and you can wash the sweat away of a hard day's work of bandwidth theft.


The Wi-Fi Detector shirt is a Think Geek exclusive and will be available this October for $29.99. We'd like to see support from the mod community on this one. Just imagine the potential hacks if there was some tailor collaboration. Yeah, that's right. We're talking no sleeves. We're talking avatar iron-ons. And we're not even thinking about the potential of puff paints at the moment. [product via gadgetvenue]



@jerrt: Unforunately, that is breaking the law, on many levels. Not only that, this thing just detects the networks—it dosen't actually scan or do anything with the data. that would require a lot of CPU processing.

And yes, I have confirmed this is a passive device. It gathers no data, nor does it transmit anything.